Crystal  Bowls Relaxation -
My intention  is to awake you to who you are- pure awareness , by purifying the energy , which holds you back or stuck, so you can  feel again Love, Joy and Peace which is within and find  the path of Health, Wealth, and ever lasting Happiness.
Helena (Prem Prana) is a spiritual mentor, channeler, intuitive Energy Healer, a conduit for the Divine Light and Grace, master of the Releasing Technique . She does guides people heal themselves through purifying the energy field, releasing repressed  toxic emotions, forgiveness work, self awareness and empowerment techniques. 
Using her intuitive abilities of seeing, feeling, and direct knowing, she feels the emotions of others and is able to tell what is blocking any chakra.

 She conducts group relaxation-meditation sessions using Healing Sound of Crystal Singing Bowls and Divine Light energy transmission , which helps to release stress, fear, anxiety- mental and emotional negativity  and balance energy field.

In her life-transforming “Deep Transformational and Consciousness Elevation" sessions, through self examination and special releasing techniques from tantra, she guides clients to dig deeply within themselves and unlock and purify their hearts, minds and souls.

Through a guided process, she assists participants in transforming inner fear to love, anxiety to peace, sorrow to compassion, pain to joy, confusion to wisdom for a life-changing experience.
 Clients immediately experience clarity of mind, peacefulness of heart, and a big shift in energy and consciousness.

 Do you know that our energy field envelops the physical body and holds a record of all your emotional, physical, and spiritual traumas. This information also is encoded in neural networks in your brain and keeps you trapped re-living the same tired old stories, dramas, and diseases. 
Are you ready to let go of your confusion, suffering and open yourself to love, joy, peace and infinite abundance? They are within you, waiting to be uncovered.:) 

Make a Quantum Leap!

Transform- Elevate Your Life in 2 Hours!

 Take your life to the next level of Wellness and Happiness!

Shift your vibration by:
 - letting go of your story, negative thoughts, words, false believes and reprogram subconscious mind 
- purify emotions by releasing old emotional baggage 
- purify and open your heart deeply by breaking down heart walls and releasing pain, hurts and forgiving yourself and others 
- purify the navel, feel peace
- awake the Divine presence and attune to higher dimensions(5D-9D)

 You  will experience:
  • clarity in your mind
  • confidence in yourself
  • love and joy in your heart
  • inner peace in your being
  • harmony in the world


Happy are those whose hearts are pure, for they shall see God." Matthew 5:8