Crystal  Bowls Relaxation -
Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation- Relaxation
Healing sound of Crystal Bowls for healing and balancing Body, Mind and Soul!
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Group Relaxation- Meditation with Crystal Bowls

Meditation -Relaxation with Crystal & Tibetan Bowls at CDA, 
15801 N. 40-th Street, Phoenix,Tuesdays
From 6.45- 8.30pm, 

Self Healing at the Sacred Energy of the Pyramid 
January 7th, 2018 from 4.00 to 6.00pm
Love offering:$20
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Boundless love, peace and blessings,
Helena- Prana

I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain, and numbness of the arms and fingers and have been avoiding neck surgery since 2009.
I lost my Father in July and my Mother 4 years ago and have been really struggling with it.
I went and saw Helena a few weeks ago not really knowing exactly what she does.
In less then two hours she helped me to release a lot of the pain and grief out of my body and I felt at peace with myself and others too.
I've had minimal pain and numbness and best of all, have not had to take any drugs!! This sweet lady was a god send to me!
I highly recommend to any one who is suffering. Please go and see her ASAP! No need to suffer anymore.
You'll be so glad that you did. Thanks again Helena.
Cave Creek , December, 2017

Helena was recommended to me by my spiritual mentor, my mentor knew the deep level of work that I needed to do.
And Helena was such an amazing light of compassion & peace. She was so heart centered & had a focus that I needed to get Into the deep rooted concerns that I had. 
It was an absolute soul pleasure, the level  of healing that occurred for me was profound.
I truly enjoyed her deep connection to spirit, to myself and to the past issues I had. Sometimes It is hard to be vulnerable or dig up deep rooted issues from childhood and I felt very comfortable,
Safe and secure around her. I would highly recommend any spiritual counseling with Helena, she will truly move you, provide clear direction, answers and more healing then You can ever imagine or expect. I think that her touch of crystal bowl healing and prayers are just affirmations to waking up the light in you.- Latoya
I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in the 1990s and, as is very common with people who have that disorder, I became a cutter. I received a lot of help and got much better but, I continued to struggle with intense anxiety and depression that regularly led to suicidal thoughts. In 2015 I started cutting again but I met Helena shortly after that. I  am so incredibly grateful for my time with her. My life used to feel terrifying and now it feels more like a dance where I can live in the light of the Divine and where I will always receive everything I need. I perceive no lack and I don't fear the future anymore. I live in an, almost constant, state of gratitude. When my focus drifts into the lower frequencies I gently bring it back, without judgements. After Helena made  into an awakened state, she is now able to guide those who are ready into that same place. I am amazed at how quickly I moved from a place of utter despair into a state of joy and gratitude. Our time together was brief but the work we did will stay with me for the rest of my life. She has taught me what I need to do to stay in this place of wonder and gratitude. - Tami S., Gold Canyon, AZ


My Story:.
With boundless love and gratitude to my teachers, angels, my guidance and my three caring daughters, without whom I could never have survived the darkest times of my life.

I grew up in a big family, where my dad was badly abusing my mom and my siblings. Because of that, I was going through life having victim consciousness, carrying a lot of pain in my heart and wearing a mask, of course not being aware of it.
For every victim, there is a predator, correct? I felt miserable in my marriage, so I was concentrating on my job, and for a while I was successful in my business. So I know what ego means. :)

I had a lot of challenges: challenging childhood, loss of my true love, broken back, unhappy marriage, moving to US thirteen  years ago with no English, two near death experiences...

For fifteen years I was looking for the answers, I read hundreds of books, went to many, many workshops, but there wasn’t any change in me neither in my life. Of course, I was looking for the answers outside of me. :)

A few years ago, when I got the realization that our partners express, what we have repressed, and that our repressed emotions effect our relationship, and that the biggest block in our heart is unforgiving our parents, I went to 3 days Radical Forgiveness workshop. Even though I wasn’t able to forgive my dad, I learned a lot about myself and got aware that I need to release my destructive emotions first. After I released repressed emotions, I forgave my dad and myself. First time in my life I understood what means to look within…

From that moment on, I realized that because of my repressed emotions and blocks in my heart, and false believes about my self, that I am ugly and not good enough, I wasn’t able to create healthy/loving relationship. :)

And this can be the answer for 100 million single Americans. By some statistic 85% of people have 3-d chakra blocked, and 93 % -heart chakra blocked.

Now I live and enjoy NOW, my heart is filled with love and joy, often I feel bliss. I  am in peace.

I see light in every person now. You are love, You are joy, You are peace, only You need to realize and let go of what is not you.

I feel Gratitude  for the opportunity to share my experiences with others, and  guiding others to purify their hearts and uncover their radiant Being.

Sending boundless love, peace and blessings to all of you,
Helena ( Prem Prana)