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 I would like to take the time to share my experience with Prana. I really did not believe that one session with Prana could have such an incredible impact on my life. Boy was I wrong! As I have told friends and family it was a life changing experience for me. My entire life I have had a heaviness of unexplained depression hanging over my head. Even in times of happiness I always felt like I was teetering on a fence-not sure what side of the fence I would fall into-depression or happiness, but always aware it was an incredible balancing act. Through Prana's gifts of knowing and her powerful healing abilities we were able to deal with this issue along with other personal experiences. The session was emotional to be sure, but when we finish I actually jumped for joy! I truly had an overpowering need to jump up into the air with sheer exuberance! I have never felt lighter in my life. I am now in such a place of peace and serenity. I am truly grateful and blessed that Prana has accelerated my healing and brought me into a stronger alignment with spirit. I highly recommend Prana for anyone in need of emotional, spiritual or physical healing. - Linda P

"Helena Prana,  last night's session was so beautiful. 
So many healings at so many levels. 
The work that Spirit has given you to do is so so powerful and so needed. 
I thank God for your healing presence on the earth."-  Father Jorge 

Powerful as always, Helena is masterful in words and sound healing to move one to a new level- Annalia

I have experienced incredible healing from this class. I started out as a person struggling with a deep sadness that had followed me my whole life. After 3 classes with the bowls, this sadness was brought to the surface and couldn't be contained anymore. Prana helped me to finally release it, and now I have a heart that is light and at peace. I will be forever thankful. This class and Prana changed my life.- AJ 

Most amazing meditation I have ever had. Thank you so much Prana... for your love and your light.- Michael

This meet up is a wonderful way to release stress tension and any other pain you might have. Helena is wonderful and the crystal bowls work miracles.- Chris A

Amazing as always.- Kirk

This was amazing! Helena does a wonderful job and is a blessing to be able to join her. 
I still have a sense of unity with all around me and greater peace than I've ever experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you bright light for your guidance.
Love, peace and Gratitude, 

The light surrounded and unfolded around me, felt the presence of a strong energy, love the crystals bowls which impacted my inner self that gave me a greater love for the greater good. Thank you Helena for coming into my life! I WILL BE BACK!- Bob

Amazing as always!! So much negative energy released again. Feeling peaceful and serene . - Kathy